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unsolved murders fort smith arkansas

unsolved murders fort smith arkansasunsolved murders fort smith arkansas

unsolved murders fort smith arkansas unsolved murders fort smith arkansas

Each of these victims were submitted by families or law enforcement through our submission page. If you're looking at the places in Arkansas with the most murders, and where residents have the highest chances of being killed themselves, this is an accurate list. This is extremely important in cases involving a possible abduction, suspected foul play or an at-risk situation. On July 25, 1989, 18-year-old Dana Stidham left her parents' home to pick up her father's . On Christmas Day, 1970 a year and 10 days after Blades disappeared her body was found in Stone County, 12 miles away. The FBI considers eyewitness identification notoriously unreliable, the story stated. Moody had not been reported missing, family members told police, because it wasn't unusual for him to not be in contact with his family for stretches of time. ", More:Woman, 15 at the time, disputes account that turkey hunters found Ronnie Johnson's body in the woods. The light is the ghosts lantern used to search for his head. He said: There are many possibilities in the death of Mr. Moody. Larry Swearingen was looked at as a person of interest in this case. This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. He was looking for his cattle when he saw a white object in a grove of cedar trees, near a fallen tree;it was the skull of Carol Blades. The man told Davis "vigilantes" who suspected him of killing Workman had shot up his mobile home. Although the case may be cold, the Fort Smith police are still welcoming any information concerning the case. Sheriff Lamb, who died at age 77 in 2001, was a former rodeo performer who as sheriff wasknown for straight talk and at times for roughing up those in custody. 322 S. Main Street, Ste. Blades was last seen at a Nixa store buying cookieson a cold Monday, Dec. 15, 1969. The Category is reserved for cases of Unsolved Mysteries that occurred in Arkansas. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. She said that in 2003 detectives from Missouri went to Illinois to interview Smith, whodenied ever being in Nixa. Any ties went to the larger city. Specifically, we analyzed the FBI's Uniform Crime Report which summarizes the number of murders that may happen in each city per year. We were together all the time, Kristy said. Records are retained indefinitely, unless removed by the entering agency. The body was discovered by a Conco employee. Two people witness Melissa's abduction. "It took them eight days to find her body. Wanted for Arrest. 1326, Episode 35 - Arkansas - Who Killed Melissa Witt Part 2. On July 10, 1995, the News-Leader ran a story by reporter Robert Keyes with the headline "Killing 'solved' but never tried." One of the bullets severed a major artery and Anstutz died an hour later at Cox Medical Center South. Recent job growth is Negative. Little Rock Of particular interest to Missouri investigators is that Smith raped and stabbed to death anIllinois woman named Jean Bianchi, a 27-year-old housewife. The monthly statistics are calculated to address the most frequently requested inquiries. Image. I feel rape was the motive I think she was big and strong enough to fight them and they probably strangled her and then dumped her.". Some theorize she may have been the victim of a local serial killer, "The River Valley Killer.". The burlap sack also reminds us of the Scarecrow character in the Batman stories, a chilling psychopath who drugged and murdered townspeople while wearing a burlap sack over his head. FORT SMITH, Ark. ", Dave Bowden, a corporal with Springfield police at the time, said in a news release:"Physical evidence gathered at and near the scene will be examined over the next several days to determine if the suspect can be linked to the crime. She was very sweet, but timid and scared to death of her boyfriend. If you want to get cheaper rates on your hand. A young boy, who was with his mother at Bowling World, said when he went out to retrieve a book from their car, he heard a woman scream, Help me! He didnt see anyone but stated the time was around 6:30 or 6:40 p.m. Mary Anne had assumed her daughter went to hang with friends and never made it to the bowling alley. Jenkins added. There were no records found of her death. The BridgeWay mental-health hospital, admitting it had wronged a 14-year-old patient who . She wouldn't let her dad wait on that.. At that point in the investigation, there was no reason to believe she was abducted. Missy had gone on home and changed her clothes, according to a neighbor who saw her come and go. He originally worked for Movoto Real Estate as the director of marketing before founding HomeSnacks. An unclesaw her mowing at 5:40 p.m.; her absence was noticed at about 6:15 p.m. If you've been looking for a place to live in the past several years, you've probably stumbled upon his writing already. IE 11 is not supported. Two boys and two girls went missing from their Oakland County communities, northwest of Detroit, Michigan, and all were found dead within 19 days. You can visit his grave at Graceland Cemetery in Pine Bluff, but we can't promise it will reveal any clues about his mysterious demise. She was a 1967 graduate of Nixa High and her maiden name was Horton. RoadSnacks is reader-supported. Here are a fewother unsolved murders in the Ozarks: In his first year as Douglas County SheriffRoldan Turner had two separate murders to solve Ronnie Johnson and Kelle Ann Workman. But she never made it inside. Both Rush and Ensey believe police can solve the case. She was always smiling and happy, Georgia told Dateline. No suspect was ever identified. In addition, while incarcerated in Illinois he pleaded guilty in March 1971 to killing Obie Fay Ash, 32, of Cotter, Arkansas. Four teenagers were camping on the shores of Lake Bodom in Finland on June 5, 1960, when an unknown group or individual murdered three of them with a knife and blunt instrument. More than 30 years later, Fisher's estranged wife was charged with first-degree murder. Dig deeper into the stories you've heard before, and encounter many others you haven't, in ways that actually help. That summer, Dana spent some time living with her cousin, Kristy Smith, before moving into a different apartment with her brother, Larry, and a roommate in Centerton, Arkansas. All rights reserved. Rose Harsent, victim of the Peasenhall murder. If I did, I would certainly honor your most understandable request.. Soon after the shooting, the suspect went to prison for two years for other burglary convictions. So we knew something happened to her, Danas cousin, Kristy, told Dateline. True Crime Garage - Melissa Witt Part 2 /// 162, True Crime Garage - Melissa Witt Part 1/// 161, Murder in the Hills, episode 1: The Unsolved Murder of Melissa Witt & The Abduction of Morgan Nick, Local Documentarians Develop New Leads in Melissa Witt Cold Case, 304 // Who Killed Melissa Witt? The hunt for answers continues to this day, as the case remains open,THV11 KTHV reported. The officer told Mary Ann that since Melissa is over 18, she can leave on her own accord. After Vine's arrest, the possibility he killed Witt was considered. Immediately making identification information available to the public has proven effective in helping to locate missing children as well as missing adults. Stephen Smith, 19, July 2015 Stephen Smith, a 19-year-old nursing student at the time, was found dead in the middle of the road on July 8, 2015, Bluffton Today reported . They were attributed to an alleged unidentified serial killer known as the Phantom of Texarkana or simply the Phantom Killer or Phantom Slayer. Thank you! Aaron Smith Found Murdered on Serene Campground, A First Look at the Murder of Aaron Smith. A kind stranger came along and gave her a jump start. Dumping on the Razorback Greenway worries residents, Police: Greenwood teen taken into custody on drug charges, Storm warning fatigue | Alerting Arkansas, Detective believes 1995 murder of Arkansas teen could be tied to another case, Alma Police receive hundreds of tips since 'Still Missing Morgan' documentary aired. Crime in Arkansas. Three people died and an officer was stabbed in the neck in an incident in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Sunday. Mary Ann calls Melissa's best friend, Tara to see if she has heard from Melissa. When her shift ended, her car wouldnt start. The rest of Danas family became alarmed when they still had not heard from her that night. Home > Crime Info & Support > Crime Information Center > Community Information > Missing Persons Information. He may have been lost at times, but who of us has not been lost? Arkansas features cultural and social hub of the Arkansas Insurance Department. Arrested and charged with four counts each of murder were Charles Anthony Diaz, 47, of Vallejo, and Gerald Michael Lester, 47, of Fort Smith, Ark. It is now home to large manufacturing plants; St. Edward Mercy Medical Center and Sparks Regional Medical Center, which provide healthcare to residents beyond the confines of the city; and the . Christopher Reese's 2014 murder in Notus, Idaho remains unsolved. That would be Helena-West Helena with 108.0 murders per 100,000 people. Her body was fully clothed. Link your TV provider to stream full episodes and live TV. Over a month after she went missing, her body was found in the Ozark National Forest. The News-Leader contacted Kelle Ann Workman's brother, Marc. Melissa asked her mom to borrow some money and told her she would pay her back with her next paycheck. by Crawlspace - True Crime & Mysteries, Arkansas : Melissa Witt by Cults, Crimes & Cabernet, CrimeCon UK Live: The Girl I Never Knew by Crimepedia, Episode 29: Unsolved Murder: Melissa Witt by Unsolved America. The court determined that the events were not foreseeable and the case was ultimately dismissed. If you have any possible . 6:30/6:40 pm:Witness reports hearing woman in distress in Bowling World Parking. Melissa is still not home. The legend is that a railroad workers head was severed by an oncoming train. Who killed Missy Witt? Her body was found on September 16, 1989 in Benton County, Arkansas. Evening:Melissa arrives at Bowling World to have dinner with her mother but never makes it inside. Vine himself repeatedly denied having anything to do with Witt's murder, even after his conviction, local outlet Today In Fort Smith reported in 2020. She had accidentally left something on, and the battery was dead. She suffered a gunshot wound to her head. Tara Strozier, a 40-year-old from Fort Smith, Arkansas, was last seen alive about 20 miles away across state lines in Cameron, Oklahoma, on July 17, according to the Fort Smith Police Department . Steve Whitney, then Christian County sheriff, said it was likely her body was tossed down an embankment, where itcame to rest in water up to her waist. Donate. The cemetery is 13 miles northwest of Ava in Douglas County. Once inside, the responders found the brutalized bodies of four teenage girls-Amy Ayers, Jennifer Harbison, Sarah Harbison and Eliza Thomas. Sign up forOxygen Insiderfor all the best true crime content. Cornerstone Mountain Retreat, near Jasper, visitors can walk for miles in pristine forests. The Missing Person Active/Expired Analysis and the Unidentified Person Active/Expired Analysis reports are available upon request. READ MORE 5. He was elected sheriff in 1968; lost in 1972 (some say because of the unsolved Blades murder); and re-elected in 1976 and 1980. Jenkins told Dateline. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. On November 6, 2001, at approximately 11:00 AM, a woman arrived for an appointment at the Hair Gallery, located in Florence, Montana. Create your free profile and get access to exclusive content. He was active in the area at that time, and he had attacked another teenager in Arkansas. If you have any information regarding the missing persons or homicide victims on this website, please contact the Sheriff's Office Homicide Unit at 727-582-6153 or by email at With so many things you can choose from. Taxes and utilities also rank low on the national scale allowing those searching for dens in early October and early November. Best Places To Raise A Family In Arkansas, Download The Entire Arkansas Ranking Data. No suspect was ever identified. She says her mothers abduction and murder affected the entire family. They questioned him. A pseudo-documentary, The Legend of Boggy Creek, highlights the towns monster lore. The murder of two grandparents tears a family apart; two decades later, a detective races to solve the cold case that has haunted him since he was a child. We only looked every single city in Arkansas for which FBI data was available for the most recent FBI Crime In The United States. In July of 1979, Lois Ensey was abducted while working at J's Night Owl Grocery off Highway 271 in Fort Smith. Ron Davis, the reporter, interviewed one of them. Spiro man shot by law officers in eastern Oklahoma Fort Smith gunsmith arrested in Austin, Texas on federal charge FBI continues manhunt for Fort Smith fugitive Police release name of man shot and killed Friday in north Fort Smith Fort Smith man with ties to Pakistan . That humming sound one hears is that of healthy baby bears, nursing to their little heart's content. Archive statistics are available upon request. Anstuz was a carpenter at Killian Construction in Springfield. There was one suspect and he was named in the only two anonymous phone tips to police; Amy Anstutz saw the killer's face and later picked the suspect out in a face-to-face lineup and also by a photo; The suspect surrendered to police a few days after the killing; he denied involvement. She was our joy. Ashley County Obituaries, 1965-present from the Ashley County Ledger - also includes cemetery listings. DNA evidence then connected him to the other crimes. Also known as Missy, she was an honors student at Westark Community College in Fort Smith, Arkansas where she lived with her mother, Mary Ann. No one has been convicted of her murder, and there is currently a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the individual responsible for Missy's abduction and murder. south carolina state women's basketball coach,

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