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hyena patronus rarity

hyena patronus rarityhyena patronus rarity

hyena patronus rarity hyena patronus rarity

Erumpent (very rare) Falcon. Having an Impala as your Patronus means you likely tackle lifes challenges with ease. They are known as watchful guardians of their territory and can be vicious if provoked. The casters of this Patronus usually share a welcoming, kind, and cheerful personality. Both long-time fans and newcomers are undoubtedly jumping back into the lore of the beloved franchise, with many discovering their own Patronus through The Wizarding Worlds online quiz. Leopards are very graceful creatures and avid tree climbers. There are around 142 different potential Patronuses that could be assigned to you, but there are some in particular that are more rare and elusive than others. Those who have the great grey owl Patronus are excellent listeners and very attentive to their friends. Rattlesnakes are poisonous and use their loud rattle to scare their enemies. A dapple grey mare Patronus symbolizes freedom and passion for all that life has to offer. Many people think of sharks as one of the scariest predators in the ocean. If you have a salmon Patronus, you are most likely an ambitious, wise, and resilient person. Notorious for using tools and rocks to crack open fruit and drinking the juice inside, these monkeys prove just how smart they are. In this sense, the Occamy as a Patronus showcases genuine flexibility and willingness to make peace and compromise. A foxs strategy of capturing its prey is to lay low to camouflage itself and then pounce with great force when the time is right. These animals are usually timid, but handle lifes obstacles with grace and poise. If you have this Patronus, you likely struggle with the same thing. Greyhounds are large and muscular while simultaneously gentle and sweet. A little owl Patronus is precisely what their name implies; tiny, adorable, and sweet. When you set their mind to something, you will keep at it until they achieve it. White horses are also rare, making this a near one-of-a-kind Patronus for a truly special witch or wizard. Sometimes referred to as the American pine marten, pine martens are cute but dangerous when threatened. Sometimes they can be impatient, but only because they set such high standards for themselves. You also enjoy having control over any situation. Though they are shy and avoid conformity, they push through their fear and stand their ground. Summoning this magnificent creature as a Patronus highlights a caster's strength, strong sense of autonomy and loyalty. Interestingly, sphynx cats are often more dog-like because they follow their owners everywhere and have very energetic personalities. 38. A hyena patronus represents a wizard/witch who is clever or cunning. 1. Huskies were utilized initially as sled dogs in polar regions for transport. Additionally, they are free-spirited, adventurous, and they know exactly who they are and stand up for what they believe in. Hippogriffs are a rare Patronus that is half-eagle and half-horse. If you have a mole Patronus, you may share character traits such as ambition and independence, and you are likely very goal-oriented. Great Grey Owl (unusual) Grey Squirrel. 2. The bay mare Patronus is representative of freedom and living life on your own terms. So they just love being yourself. This Patronus will surprise even the most observant Dementor with its agility. While they are mostly independent creatures, little owls do have a close-knit group that they trust. Although a marsh harrier Patronus may not take down a Dementor in a typical fashion, they will get the job done, nonetheless. Their bright feathers attract mates but also intimidate any potential enemies. But what they lack in size, they make up for in their bold personality. A pekingese is a type of small dog, and those with this Patronus are very loyal, kind, and affectionate. Fire-dwelling Salamander (rare) 5 Fox 16 Fox Terrier Dog 4 Ginger Cat 8 Goshawk 10 Granian Winged Horse (rare) 6 Grass Snake 3 Great Grey Owl 7 Grey Squirrel 4 Greyhound Dog 6 Hare (Brown 8, Mountain 5) 14 Hedgehog 11 Heron J.K. Rowling's 8 Hippogriff (rare) 11 Hummingbird 4 Huskey 11 Hyena 10 This Patronus is represented by some form of animal or creature native to the Wizarding World, and represents our innermost character traits, standing up for us when we need it most, and shouting Expecto Patronum!, RELATED:The Best and Most Iconic Harry Potter Spells. King cobras are the longest venomous snake on earth (the longest one reaching almost 20 feet in length). If you have ever put out a bird feeder for a hummingbird, you know that you might miss them if you are not watching for even a few seconds. She has also been published on The wizard has a very rare and unusual, almost unique, personality. People with this Patronus are wonderful leaders with great patience and inner strength. An orca Patronus is a formidable force indeed. A black swan Patronus will defeat the darkness of a Dementor with a light of love and kindness. No matter the time or the place, your lynx Patronus will stealthily attack even the strongest of Dementors. Not only that, but they will fight hard to defend you. Kingfishers are very confident and ambitious, and they are also gorgeous, stunning creatures. The Patronus meanings below are displayed in alphabetical order. The brown owl Patronus is great for hunting down Dementors, which means youll be in safe hands. For this reason and others, people gravitate to you and your playful, energetic personality. Otters are both land and water animals that enjoy community, and you will often see them holding hands with one another. Casters of this Patronus are often perceived as extroverted and playful, but they will defend you fiercely. They are not easily ruffled and prefer to keep the peace. Ragdoll cats are more like dogs than cats due to their kind and sweet nature, in addition to following you around everywhere. Thestrals are extremely fast and will stop at nothing to protect the ones they love. Considered the rarest Patronus, the albatross symbolizes good luck, stability, and trustworthiness. However, this is your greatest strength that helps you relate to others and love them well. Appearances Pottermore (Appears as a Patronus) Wizarding World (Appears as a Patronus) Notes and references (see this image) An adder is a tough and cunning snake and just like those who cast this Patronus, they know what they want and go for it. RELATED: The Smartest 'Harry Potter' Characters, Ranked by Intelligence. They fear nothing. Shrew Patronuses are proof that you may be small, but you can still overcome great things. Impala are beautiful, medium-sized antelopes that use graceful leaps and bounds to evade predators and catch prey. Tonkinese Cat (Patronus) . . A wood mouse Patronus is proof that bravery and courage come in all sizes. It's a proud creature that also has a gentle side for those who treat it with the kindness and respect it deserves. They are very driven and have a strong survival instinct. Scops owls are unique, and the owners of this Patronus are usually one-of-a-kind. If you have a borzoi Patronus it means you handle lifes obstacles with grace and poise. They are more active at night to avoid their innumerable predators, so they are no stranger to the darkness of a Dementor. Otters are natures fuzzy, cuddly, and friendly pets. Black mambas can easily outrun any human, they do not use their speed as a predator, but to flee from danger. A snowy owl Patronus is very loyal to its caster and will fearlessly protect you against any harm. Having this Patronus means you often have a dominant personality and are fiercely loyal to your loved ones. Sometimes they are referred to as water snakes, and rightfully so because they are excellent swimmers. Luckily for you, a Westie Patronus can sense when a Dementor is close and warn you. Typically, adders will fiercely attack when threatened, which means a Dementor should be afraid of going up against this fearless Patronus. Piebald or pinto stallions are free-spirited and also have a strong fight-or-flight response. Nightjars live up to their namesake in that they are mainly active at night. The bat Patronus is representative of rebirth, honesty, and empathy. Witches and wizards who have a heron Patronus are unique and determined. Tigers are courageous, graceful, and fierce cats that should never be underestimated. They use their logic to think through all situations and their possible outcomes. Any Dementor will run off based on the mere size of the woolly mammoth. Those with this Patronus are fiercely loyal. Casters of the hedgehog Patronus are often worried about their own wellbeing and that of their friends and family. Most famously known for being Harry Potters Patronus, stags symbolize heroism, bravery, and new life. I. . People once used greyhounds for racing since they can reach speeds over 40mph! As any true Harry Potter fan would know, the Patronus of any person is its most powerful guide, protector and charm against some of the worst creatures, Dementors. Additionally, lions are the kings of the jungle, as they do not have many predators. The doe is most notable for being both Severus Snapes and Lily Potters Patronus. You might be surprised to know that pythons are gentle giants that can be very shy even though they are one of the biggest species of snakes. You also have high standards and goals you set for yourself, but you work very hard and usually achieve them. The open-world Harry Potter RPG, Hogwarts Legacy, is officially out and available to play, and unsurprisingly dominating social media platforms like Reddit and Twitch. As a creature from the Wizarding World, the Erumpent is very interesting it has been suggested that their power can be used to inject even the most dangerous Dementor with positive thoughts, causing the Dementor to explode. In general, they are not prone to aggression, but a mother owl will fiercely protect her young just like how Molly Weasley is defensive of her children. You might be a member of Slytherin House if this is your Patronus. They are also highly adaptable and can regenerate lost limbs. Some say only deep-thinking, complex witches and wizards cast this Patronus. Warner Bros. A Patronus signifies protection. #HarryPotter #VeryRarePatronus #Pottermore #WizardingworldHow to get a Very Rare Patronus on (Pottermore) (Note: The provided answers will. They will only listen to authority if they trust those in charge much like a Gryffindor. A Patronus is unique to the caster and is very personal. Characterized by its huge wings and large overall size, the Winged Horse dominates and flies through the skies with ease and confidence. The Brown hare is indicative of someone who is patient and intelligent. Borzois are strong creatures that are generally reserved in nature, but aggressive when threatened. All the known Patronuses of the 'Harry Potter' characters from Dumbledore to the Weasley twins. Rest assured, after a Dementors encounter with this cheerful Patronus, they will think twice before bothering you again! Those with this Patronus are energetic, enthusiastic, and the life of the party. A wolf Patronus will never fail to fight for you and defend you against anything that comes your way, including a Dementor. However, contrary to popular belief, rhinos are not typically aggressive animals. While those who conjure this Patronus do have a wild side, they are also level-headed and practical. The wizard is by nature a bit melancholic, somber, introverted, quiet, humble, restrained, or even "shadowed". You have good instincts, and you should trust them. Owners of a stag Patronus make extraordinary, influential leaders and honestly care about the wellbeing of others. Eggs of the Runespoor assist mental agility when used in potions, and the Runespoor Patronus represents dynamic and ferocious thinking and intelligence. Copied; Likes (10) Comments (0) Copied; Likes (10) Like 10. If the Manx cat is your Patronus, you may identify with their ability to stay calm even in the most stressful of situations. A woolly mammoth Patronus is rare because Patronuses dont usually take the shape of an extinct animal. Even if a Dementor happened to hurt you, not that this Patronus would let it, then it could use its healing powers to help you. Not only that, but its mesmerizing beauty is hard to match and will catch anyone who gazes upon them off guard. Eagles are also known as kings of the skies since they are one of the biggest birds of prey worldwide. This Patronus will never back down in the face of fear but will fight back fiercely. A daunting magical creature with thick skin and razor-sharp horns, they don't scare easy and will refuse to back down. They can also sense danger, so they will be able to tell if a Dementor is coming. Having a rottweiler as your Patronus means you are likely a gentle, calm, yet confident person. Hyenas are a matriarchal driven community of fierce hunters and communicative packs and clans. An osprey Patronus is one-of-a-kind, and so are their casters. Having a crocodile Patronus means you are assertive and self-assured, but not overly showy. As one of the most intimidating and feared entities within the world of Harry Potter, they tend to represent dominance and ambition. They fly freely and happily, with an unwitting determination that only someone. These dogs are also quite active and energetic. The extremely rare phoenix Patronus is most famously known for being Albus Dumbledores Patronus in the Harry Potter world. Badgers are down-to-earth and fiercely defend those close to them. Interestingly, one of their tactics is to play dead by going limp and secreting blood from their nose and mouth. Others are envious of their drive and passion that helps them achieve the loftiest of goals. The manx cat is a level-headed, quirky, and somewhat mischievous member of the feline family. Erumpent Patronus are very rare, and they are generally mild-mannered, but you do not want to provoke them, and this is true for the witches and wizards who cast them as well. If they choose to use this method on a Dementor, then you genuinely have nothing to fear. Some folklore interprets that rarity to mean great fame will come your way when a spotted horse crosses your path. Heres a Wizarding World Patronus list with a quick description of these rare Patronuses, and what kinds of personalities might be represented by them. Hyena Reply more reply . Those with this Patronus are confident and bold. They stealthily lie in wait for their prey and then strike at just the right time. Its likely that your loved ones rely on you the same way. Dementors wont send a chance against these large creatures.An interesting note, Abraxan hair is also used as an ingredient in making potions. Having a thestral patronus is rare you're probably uncommonly kind, understanding, and quiet. A common trait that magpies likely share with the witch or wizard who casts this Patronus is that they are homebodies and prefer comfort and familiarity. You might feel misunderstood by those around you, but your family and friends know the real you. Oct 02, 2016. People who cast the calico cat Patronus are quirky and loved by many. 6 Luna Lovegood's Hare. You also might struggle with fitting in and caring too much about what others think of you. Sparrows enjoy spending time in large groups and feeling needed by those around them. I was expecting a magnificient creature to emerge from the woods and prance around my MacBook screen. After her career as an actress, Robin found a love of writing and analyzing television and film, and thus pursued a degree in Communication from the University of Utah. nt police assistant commissioner, senator john kennedy funniest quotes,

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